2. AGNI Award for Excellence in Self Reliance (DRDO) - For the year 2002

        Member of the team - for the indigenous development of high energy density and high power density system namely 32kW Mg-AgCl SWA Reserve battery  for

         torpedo propulsion in the first indigenously developed advanced light weight torpedo, TAL

          3. SILICON Award (DRDO) - For the year 2005

                     National Science Day - DRDO Award and Commendation Certificate in recognition of significant contribution in the field of "Advances in  Torpedo Propulsion Battery


        4. Ramachar Award - For the year 1979

                          From Electrochemical Society of India at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Certificate of Merit for being best paper of the year

             5. Fellowship :

                        Life Fellow Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science and Technology .SAEST. Karaikudi.

              6. Publications :

                        Total number of Publications : 46 inclusive of National, International and Defence Journals.


         1. Scientist of the Year Award (DRDO)-For the year 2010

        For Developing  Advanced High Power Battery Systems of state of the art technologies for the propulsion of  indigenously developed underwater weapons and systems which have been inducted into service and for supporting  sister DRDO labs in this endeavor.

Dr. Kadiyam Venkateswara Rao